Our London Massage Services

Body to Body Massage

All our massage therapists will be naked during the massage and will be giving you a full body to body massage experience. After getting you 'happy ending' we have some great shower facilities which you can also use with the masseuse before and after the massage if you wish. 

Tantric Massage

Our oriental massage therapists are all expertly trained in the art of tantric massage in central London. This type of massage gets you into a totally relaxed state of mind, whilst receiving touch and pleasure from our therapists. The massage really does cover the whole body including your legs, feet, toes, nipples and chest with warm massage oil. The therapist will make sure that nothing will go missed and you will finish your massage session feeling 100% relaxed. 

Prostate Massage

Our therapists will help you to regain your prostrate health, and you will start to feel the benefits of this right away no matter what age you are. This should also have the added benefit of improving your sex life!

The Full Japanese Oil Massage

At Oriental Five Star massage we try to cater for all different type of taste and variety in massage and our therapists are able to provide a full japanese massage if this is what you are looking for. This would include a range of different oils extracted from different plants and flowers. This type of massage is said to boost ones immune system as well as the overall feeling of well being. 

A Full Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage is really designed to relieve tension through your body. This mainly focuses on muscles that are located beneath the surface of the top muscles. This is quite often recommended for people that tend to experience a constant pain, people that have active jobs, athletes and also people that have suffered injury. 

Thai Massage

Thai massage is very popular in the UK and is based on Ayurveda and also yoga. The therapist will get you into Yoga like positions that can be uncomfortable for some. With this type of massage you can opt to have a milder massage which may suit more people that have not had this type of massage before. 

Four Hands Massage

At Oriental Five Star Massage we also give all of our clients the option of having a massage with two of our oriental massage therapists. This really does give the client some great value for money with each masseuse being able to work different areas of the body. This service is one of the most popular at Oriental Five Star so we advise if you require this service to get in and book your 2 therapists in advance to give you the best massage of your life in Central London today!